Why Is It So Windy In Lincoln?

Well, we don’t know either, so we decided to have a little Google.

These are the Lincoln & That possible theories for the problem:

  • It is the name of the city that causes this problem.

It is well documented by Googling this once that Lincoln, Nebraska, USA has the same problem, maybe it’s some kind of voodoo.

  • There are some big fans near the city.

Lincoln FC is a really popular football club (we think, we’re not too sure about this, if we’re honest).

  • Lincolnshire is quite flat.

Yes, not only is this a fact according to Yahoo! Answers, it’s also a true real-life fact. According to the top answer contributor who cites his reference as “I used to live in Lincolnshire.”, excellent story, bro.

GIO C, another “TOP CONTRIBUTOR” according to Yahoo!, says that:

“Very flay that makes it vulnerable to the icy NE winds from Scandinavia.”

This is also true. As is:

“It’s not much windier than anywhere else in the UK.”

One suspects that “Steve” may be the ‘been there, done that’ type.

However, I have heard some horror stories about the wind, once, one of my friends/housemates said:

“The wind was so strong off the Brayford today that it gave me a headache.”

Oh the humanity.

But seriously, if it’s that bad, then at least use it to dry your clothes or something. Be ecological and stuff.

One thought on “Why Is It So Windy In Lincoln?

  1. Joe Dubstep Hegarty
    November 15, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    Great article as always, keep up the good work Richard! We at scambled eggs are behind you all the way and are eagerly anticipating your next article!